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SERVE Initiatives

SERVE cooperated with a young Doctor of Music, a professional sarod player, Avijit Ghosh, whose prowess has won him world-wide accolades...... Read More

One of our SERVE members, Anjul Chaturvedi, launched our e-mag ( ) in 2008, a very attractive and popular contribution.....Read More

Understanding of course that Principals, while being the most important people in the system at administrative level, need the underpinning of their teachers, so in July 7 2007 we launched SFT .....Read More

What about Parents? They are often as stressed as their children, and sometimes ......Read More

Kolkata has been called the City of Processions. As early as 2001 we had been conducting annual Walks to focus attention .....Read More

in March 2004 we launched a National Debate in Kolkata, for which the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) ....Read More

A major coup and recognition for SERVE was that our ceo was invited to be part of the Indian Delegation to Pakistan in 2005, ...Read More

In Nov 2011, we launched the second edition of our classic Where the child is without fear on the premises of ....Read More

This CD held in our pic by SERVE Secretary Arunima Sengupta has been sent to more than 300 education centres all over India,....Read More

Margaret Waterworth, renowned British education consultant, launched SERVE’s latest publication Teen Things on Poila Baisack ........Read More

Alarmed and distressed by the impact on school youngsters of the constant media reportage of things to do with gender and sex in school, SERVE offered a half-day workshop......Read More

On June 21st at the request of Ms J Banerjee, the Principal of St Joseph’s College Bow Bazar St, SERVE presented a for....Read More