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Gender and Sex Education

Alarmed and distressed by the impact on school youngsters of the constant media reportage of things to do with gender and sex in school, SERVE offered a half-day workshop (with lunch) to Principals and other school administration authorities at the Golden Parkk (sic) Hotel on April 24th. The workshop was to induce Principals to invite SERVE to do a more detailed work-shop with their staff on handling this issue helpfully for their students. It was recognized that the topic here in West Bengal is fraught, because the government seems not in favour of sex education, and people in general – teachers included – are excessively reticent about even broaching the subject. This attitude drives the whole thing underground, with the result that youngsters experience excitement, guilt, irresistible temptation, confusion, and a negative response to one of the greatest gifts given to us all. Principals were also reminded of the significance of the Romeo & Juliet story, re-enacted again and again, sometimes unto disaster, in hundreds of schools in the country. All those present were given a pamphlet to equip them to handle the issue better with their teachers, and each wrote a calendar within which SERVE will do the G & S workshop with their staffs before August 10th. We might mention that we found the hotel services excellent.