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Coping with Stress

On June 21st at the request of Ms J Banerjee, the Principal of St Joseph’s College Bow Bazar St, SERVE presented a formal interactive evening to parents of senior students on Coping with Stress, and a follow-up on Alternative Careers. Our ceo did the first, and an ex-student Mr Somnath Nandy, now of Cardiff University, the second. Our team got special hangings made and (naturally!) hung, and the hall was tastefully prepared. (The ceo was to get two standees prepared by friend Hitesh Toolsidass but forgot to follow through. Sorry, Hitesh!) Parents were given a handout of the causes and responses to stress in the student context, and this item was much appreciated. That the undertaking was a success, whatever that much-abused term means, is vouched for by a follow-up invitation from the Principal to offer the same to other parents in the near future. However, there are complaints that the audience is too numerous, so we have been asked to organize it all differently with this in mind. A happy compliment! In fact we were asked to distribute an Evaluation Page to all attending parents, which we have done, and are standing by for the reports.