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One of our SERVE members, Anjul Chaturvedi, launched our e-mag ( ) in 2008, a very attractive and popular contribution to our propaganda efforts. A second and even more attractive edition has followed in 2009. In March 2008 a 30-minute documentary was presented – Where the child is without fear – setting forth the underlying motivation of SERVE’s insistence on improvement in classrooms. We were ‘chuffed’ to be asked to allow our piece, done by the well-known Mr Sunil Lucas, to be shown abroad, though we did point out that the challenges we face in Indian educational affairs coincide little with situations elsewhere. We have also begun shooting for a A TV Series, Where the child is without fear, also by Sunil Lucas, consisting of – initially half a dozen – episodes exploring various aspects of the education system as is, with emphasis on ways in which it needs to improve (eg, Student Suicide; Punishment in Schools, etc) and SERVE’s suggestions in this regardimage 1

THE TV team: L< R : : Anjul , SERVE CEO , Chandra and Sunil