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South Asia Regional Conference

A major coup and recognition for SERVE was that our ceo was invited to be part of the Indian Delegation to Pakistan in 2005, a UNO SARC (South Asian Regional Conference) in Islamabad on child abuse in schools in these countries. It was more than a little embarrassing that of all seven countries, only India did not take children as part of the delegation, but it was delightful to meet the other girls and boys tell – and present in role-plays – experiences from their schools indistinguishable from what we knew of our own schools. The conference was conducted in the Marriott Hotel, a beautiful centre later destroyed by terrorists. Our ceo reported that after chatting in his best Hindi with one of the Pakistani students there for some time before being summoned to yet another meeting, she congratulated him on his Urdu!.

image 1No photography was permitted; this photo was gleaned from a Pakistan newspaper the following morning. Begum Musharraf was a warm and capable chairperson for the whole conference..