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In an odd way we got linked again to Prof Anil Sadgopal, formerly of Delhi University and today much involved in causes of social exploitation .Anil mentioned recently to our then Provincial Br Gerard Alvarez that the SERVE ceo Brendan MacCarthaigh was one of the three Christian religious people he had ever met deeply concerned about the masses of this country. An honour indeed.

Closer to home, we have been deeply involved with four schools in particular ;

1) LaMartiniere School for Girls Kolkata. There, thanks to the zeal of one primary-school teacher Mrs A Dutta and the solid support of the former school Principal Mrs Hilda Peacock this institution had become our Flag-ship school.

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Hilda Peacock , ex Principal of LaMartiniere School for Girls Kolkata

2) The CMO, Calcutta Muslim Orphanage Fazlul Haque High School for Girls under their very hard-working Principal Ms M Farzana, has taken on the SERVE system ‘big-time’, and seem very pleased with it;

(3) Abul Hasan High School for Girls, a growing institution currently being run by Ms S Raza until a full-time Principal is appointed, actually has boys up to Class IV at the moment. Here tooSERVE system is pursued and cherished. Both these schools are wedded to our SERVE system thanks to the farsightedness and courage of the Hon Secretary of their founder-body,

(4) Mr Imran Zaki five years ago set up a small school which he called St Stephen’s in a poor area, Fyers Lane, not far from the SERVE Centre on Bow Bazar. Mid-august 2009 he asked us to take over the pedagogy, to which we of course said yes. It is becoming a really good set-up, despite all the disadvantages that local and infrastructural poverty gives rise to. Requests to give one-day courses to school personnel in and around Kolkata arrive constantly, and we respond positively as often as we can.

Rajasthan basic classes in Mathematics....