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Media Accolades and Awards

What SERVE likes about these things is, they lend us credibility. An Olympic medal is a public admission and proclamation that you’re good at what you do. In our field to promote an education Where the child is without fear and the persuit of complete eradication of stress from Indian classrooms , such awards are important, coming as they do from professionals in the field. The first was a small private institution declaring the CEO Teacher of the Year, 2006. Thereafter, things grew! Some focused only on the ceo as representative of the NGO, others were for the whole gang of us. Let’s list some:

a) January 2008: Admission of the ceo to the Christian Brothers Education Office, an exclusive Delhi-based body answerable to all their CB schools nation-wide.

b) June 23 2008: A full-page article in India’s most prestigious weekly magazine “India Today” called TO SERVE AND PROTECT

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More fun to schooling !!!

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                                                                       Its a bit of a climb but ........

c) The " Ram Rahim Ekta Manch Award " in recognition of your contribution in the field of education, literacy, communal harmony, secularism and national integration.

d) October 7, 2008. Silvers Award from the Mumbai-based Harmony magazine. This acknowledged our efforts to change India’s education structures. Only ten people get this reward each year out of an interviewed hundreds, so it is a treasured approval. The key person was, is Tina Ambani,who took a keen personal interest in each of the ten of us older folk, and about whom I’ll say a little more later.