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A tribute to Sahana Pal

Two year after SERVE began, the papers reported the suicide of this 11-year-old child whose suicide note to her dad concluded, “PS Sorry for my bad spelling.” SERVE then-President Ms Sumitra Ray and CEO Brendan met the dad, who was utterly devastated. It broke our hearts too. But reality is that more than one such student suicide per school day is Kolkata’s claim to infamy. We stepped up our efforts even more, and gave courses on stress management to all levels of school personnel – which means Principals, teachers, students, parents. (We still do.) We were even asked by the West Bengal Government to lend a hand, which we did.

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Sahana , we will not let your death be in vain

We are trying to save ,

the other Sahanas in our schools.

Now that you are with God ,

help us to awaken children to hope ,

and all the adults to the urgent need for change.