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It is a terrible thing to look at a classroom of delightful girls and boys, and to know that statistically one or two of them will attempt suicide because of being students. Our files have accounts of children as young as 11 hanging themselves because they have done badly in school exams, and of course college and university students too. And every year the Government of India publishes the statistics of suicides for that year. The graph is climbing steadily.

In fact, the authoritative British medical magazine The Lancet sent a team to India just a few years ago to check out these incredible figures – and found that we were even worse than reported!

Youngsters all over the world do exams but our youngsters escape the disappointment of failure by killing themselves. In India it is life-threatening to go to school – more educated people commit suicide in India than un-educated.

Why our figures are worst in the world we explain elsewhere in this Website under “The Izzat Factor”, but knowing the explanation doesn’t solve the problem.

SERVE did a bit of research of our own. We took opposite sides of the landmass that goes from Ireland to Japan, because both of these west-east countries have a problem with student suicide. Suicide in Ireland is mainly due to students taking to drugs because the economic state of the country is unhealthy, and the prospects for employment dim. In Japan there is a compulsion to conformity, and in schools and colleges any departure from the accepted social norms even in appearance (eg, hairstyle) the ‘different’ student is bullied by the others, sometimes very severely. Some choose suicide.

SERVE is in existence in response to this reality in India, and all our work is focused on making the lives of our students stress-free.